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Each of our showrooms offers a wide variety of tile selections. Every inch of tile is hand selected by our professional designers. The manufacturers that we work with all have their own special characteristics that make them the perfect choice for specific applications.

Some of Our Featured Brands


Ceramica Sant'Agostino was set up in 1964 near Ferrara, in an area far from the place in Emilia where most of the Italian ceramic factories are situated. This choice meant for the company a strong project autonomy and an innovative strategic vision. The factory, always managed by the founder's family, continues to develop its research for innovative products and innovative processes. Ceramica Sant'Agostino manufactures its products in Italy.

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Glazzio is a tile manufacturer that offers innovative and flexible solutions, defying the limitations of conventional tiles. Their glass tiles are most popular for households, as well as commercial spaces, due to their striking and unique looks. They are also resistant to frost damage, water-wear and sun discoloration, maintaining their original look and feel for many years down the line. Turn your home into a dazzling piece of art, one tile at the time, with Glazzio.

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Founded in 1955, Wayne Tile is a family owned and operated business with tile showrooms in New Jersey and distribution across the East Coast. Wayne Tile stocks a curated selection of the best tile products from around the world. 

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Arley’s beginnings can be traced back to 1935, when the company started out as a paint shop back in Scranton, PA. Through the years, the family-owned business grew into a trusted national brand, providing high-quality tile, stone, glass and metal products, as well as import product distributor catering to the East Coast.

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