Why is Cambria Quartz the right choice for your next remodel?

Why is Cambria Quartz the right choice for your next remodel?

If you are considering materials for your next remodeling project, you should keep your eyes on Cambria Quartz. This material isn’t only stunning and visually striking: it is also extremely durable and flexible. For this reason, Cambria quartz is often found on high-quality kitchen table tops, sinks, and other surfaces.

Read on to learn more about Cambria Quartz and discover who it could be the best choice for your next remodel!

Colors to suit different aesthetics.

Cambria Quartz is aesthetically quite versatile, as it comes in many different colors, which can be a good match with different styles, looks, and concepts. This way, you can match the Cambria Quartz with any piece of furniture or other interior design elements in your space. From endearing dark hues to vibrant marble patterns, the possibilities are truly endless.

Ultimate Durability

Cambria Quartz is more durable and stable than many other similar materials on the market, including granite. While the latter is vulnerable to heat and impact damage, Cambria Quartz has a phenomenal natural density, which makes it incredibly sturdy and reliable in any situation. Most Cambria quartz items are also sealed upon manufacturing, further protecting the surface from nicks and dings.

A perfect natural vibe.

Cambria is made out of completely natural Quartz, a prized hard mineral, known for its durability and flexibility of use. Although Cambria might look quite similar to granite, it is superior in a lot of ways, particularly since granite only features from 40% to 60% quartz in its composition. Cambria, on the other hand, is made by combining pure Quartz with resins and pigments in small amounts, to add color and texture. The result is a non-porous material, meaning that it will be denser, and therefore, more robust.

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