Designer Select Trends: Clawfoot Tubs

Designer Select Trends: Clawfoot Tubs

Clawfoot tubs are all the rage these days: they are aesthetically stunning, flexible and comfortable. With their pleasant old-fashioned feel, clawfoot tubs are ideal for people who want to add a nice retro charm to their bathroom or achieve that elusive luxurious feel.

Read on to learn more about clawfoot tubs and discover how to get started if you are considering installing one in your home!

It’s all about space.

Before considering a clawfoot tub - or any tub, for the matter, it is very important actually to get a very precise idea of your space. In other words, will the tub be a good fit? It’s very important for the tub to fit snugly within your particular space. The last thing you want is to spend money in a tub, only to discover that - surprise surprise, it doesn’t fit in your designated space for it!

It is also a bit frustrating to discover that your new clawfoot tub barely fits…you want a bathroom, not a Tetris playground! Always make sure to measure your space and leave plenty of room for wiggle.

Different materials for different styles.

Clawfoot tubs come in different materials. Acrylic is a very flexible option, and it is quite affordable too. The material is easy to shape and fairly versatile. On the other hand, many people prefer metal or cast iron for a more traditional feel. The latter models are usually heavier, and they might hurt your floor without proper precautions, due to their weight. By its nature, metal might also require more attentive maintenance. As you might know, metals don’t work too well with water over time, and you might need to be very attentive if you seek to prevent rust and other signs of wear. Regular maintenance might be annoying to some, but to others, it is a worthy price to pay for a phenomenal look that has no equal.


As with anything in your home, a clawfoot tub is not just for looks. It should also be useful and comfortable. Will it fit your lifestyle and needs? Many clawfoot tubs are very deep, which is great for relaxing and bathing, but could be difficult to bathe a toddler. It is very important for you to choose a model that could fit your home and your family.

Clawfoot tubs are trending as one of the most luxurious design elements in a bathroom remodel. By following these few easy tips, you’ll be sure to select a statement piece that perfects your bathroom remodel.

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