3 Most Popular Finishes for Countertops

3 Most Popular Finishes for Countertops

Recent design trends are showing a lot of textures. From crushed velvet for couches and window treatments, to hand scraped wood flooring, texture has become a statement for interior design. Texture has even made its impression on countertops, with a lot of designers and homeowners leaning towards honed finishes, especially in marble and granite.


Polished countertop surfaces are still the most popular for kitchen and bathrooms. This glossy finish will provide a shiny, glass-like look and truly brings out the full color and characteristics of the stone. As bathrooms and kitchens are very high traffic areas, which see a lot of day to day usage, the polished finish allows for the least amount of maintenance and care.


Honed finishes give off more of a matte, satin-like finish. There is virtually little to no shine on the overall surface. Honed finishes will need more maintenance than polished surfaces, such as resealing every few years. You will also want to be more cautious on this surface, liquids specifically acidic ones like tomato sauce, red wine, or sodas, should not be left overnight. You will want to promptly clean up these spills before permanent marks are left behind.

Leather & Suede

Leather and suede finishes of natural stone have really picked up as an interior design trend in high-end custom homes. Commonly seen in darker stones, such as granite which features a lot of character, leather or suede finishes truly showcase a textured look. Leathered stones sometimes have a slight sheen, but not as much as a glossy polished countertop. Suede stone, like the leather, is soft in appearance as well as touch. Both these finishes require more care than that of polished stone, but when taken care of, really makes an impact in the room.

The surface finishes you ultimately select will drastically affect the look and feel of your remodel, not to mention overall maintenance and care as you go. When working with our team, ask questions and share information about your family’s lifestyle so we can help you select the best option!

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